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All of these are books by Steve Hudgik, aka the Science Pastor (now retired). Downloadable free PDF and MOBI (Kindle) versions are available. To install the MOBI version on your Kindle, download it to your computer. You can then email it to your Kindle device. To get the email address of your Kindle device, go to the Kindle setup page on the Amazon website. All you will need to do is send an email with the MOBI file as an attachment.

The links on this page will take you to our web site for more information about each book, and links for purchasing the book on Amazon or downloading a PDF or MOBI version.

Mrs. Bartlett and her Class

Mrs. Bartlett and Her Class

A true story about unique woman who was true prayer warrior and evangelist. Mrs. Bartlett is a role model for all of us. She taught the woman's Sunday school at Charles Spurgeon's church and lead many women to Christ.

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Traking Dinosaurs

Beginner's Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs

A fun book about dinosaurs, the global flood and the gospel. As you learn about fossil dinosaur footprints and eggs you'll see how they point to the global flood and the ark, which foreshadows salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Book of Esther

The Presence of God

A commentary on Esther. HOWEVER, this is not your your ordinary commentary. While remaining Biblical, it tells the dramatic story of Esther in which the fate of the world literally hangs in the balance.

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Happy Are The...

The word "blessed" means happy. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gives the beatitudes in which He repeatedly says, "Blessed are the..." Learn who is blessed, and why Jesus says they are blessed. You might be one of them.

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Jesus Always

Sarah Young's Jesus Always Exposed!

The sequel to best selling Jesus Calling is a devotional book called Jesus Always... a very dangerous book that teaches New Age mysticism. Learn why you should avoid the Jesus Always devotional book.

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Humanist Accusations

ANSWERS to 180 Accusations...

This two volume set answers every humanist (atheist) accusation against the Bible. Steve went to the American Humanist web site and answers every accusation and criticism directed at God's word. Over 400 pages of clear, concise answers!

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Timothy Dwight

Yale President Timothy Dwight - A Biography

A grandson of Jonathan Edwards, Timothy Dwight was an extraordinary man. He was blind for most of his life, but as a result of Biblical teaching, and his work with youth, he became known as the father of New England.

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Jesus Calling

RUN! It's Jesus Calling

WARNING! The "Jesus Calling" devotional is one of the most dangerous books a Christians can read. Steve examines "Jesus Calling" to reveal the truth about this heretical book that leads people away from the true Jesus, creator God of the universe.

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Jessup the Dinosaur

Jessup the Dinosaur: The Search

Jessup is a young T-Rex that accompanies us to many of the events where we have exhibits... and he is a favorite with kids. Jesus now has his own book telling about His efforts to find another T-Rex to join him on Noah's Ark.

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Jesus Always

Should You Run from "Jesus Always"?

"Jesus Always" is another major devotional book from Sarah Young. This is a condensed version (shorter version) of the "Jesus Always Exposed" book, covering the key dangers in this Sarah Young devotional book.

Jessup the Dinosaur's activity book

Jessup the Dinosaur: Activity Book

Here is a book packed with unique activities for kids, including extra activities Jessup added without asking Steve. Kids will learn about scripture and the gospel as they have fun with the pictures, puzzles, memory verses, and games.

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Jesus is always the answer

The Answer Is Always Jesus

Do not be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6-7), the answer is ALWAYS Jesus. He not only has the answer, He IS the answer.

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